Thanks also to several trade publications for the recent and continued interest in my work, including Stationery Trends, Giftware News, Creating Keepsakes, and more.

I started Up Up Creative in search of that sometimes-elusive creative high. That feeling you get when you've put something new out into the world to share with others. For awhile I got that feeling as a student working on bizarre arguments in her bizarre dissertation (the weirder and more out there the argument, the more charged I got about it). But bizarre-ness isn't particularly coveted or satisfying in academia and I found myself turning into a creative junkie - you know the kind - the person who skips out on their real work just for the chance to make something.

I like to think that we all have that creative drive, that it's as elemental to our being as is the drive to recreate (yeah, you know, sex drive). I think we all love the feeling of creating something awesome. Something no one else has, maybe. Something borne of our own minds and hands and ideas. 

But I also know that not everyone knows they're creative, and not everyone has the skills to create in the desired medium. 

That's where I come in.