I find it so much easier to write bios in the third person, so here goes. 

Julie Green, the graphic artist and designer behind Up Up Creative, has been known to fall desperately for beautiful typefaces, unexpected color palettes, and hand-illustrated pattern designs. She believes in creativity, honesty, and vulnerability.  

As a designer, Julie got her start in college, where she studied visual communication from a social science perspective and started creating really stellar early-web websites. Nothing she made back then ever blinked or anything, but let's just say there was a lot of joy when she first discovered roll-over images. 

For a short time, Julie worked as an IT consultant and learned to program in Java, C++, and other languages.

Then for a long time she went to graduate school in English, getting about halfway through her dissertation before she realized that her particular brand of creative inquiry didn't particularly whet the appetites of her fellow academics. 

That's when she finally put her right brain and left brain passions together, took ALLLLLLL that stuff she had learned about visual communication and rhetoric and communication and planning and pathfinding, and became a freelance graphic designer and entrepreneur. And she's never looked back.