The Memo

I hate newsletters.

I hate them soooooooo much. 

So (because who wants to be logical? Not me!) I'm starting a new one and I've promised myself it will only ever be awesome and nothing I hate at all. I'm calling it The Memo (like didja get The Memo?!) but I definitely considered calling it Dear Diary because I intend for it to be a place where I go deep -- into what it's like running a business, what I think about the difference between art and design, whether I want to call myself an entrepreneur, how I stay sane and what threatens that sanity, and more. 

First Memo comes out this Sunday. Get in on it before it even starts by putting your email address into the box at the bottom right that says email address and clicking "sign up." 

If you need better instructions than that, as my kid would say, just wow.