Hammocks, Watermelon, and Not a Sale in Sight

I got an email recently from someone whose work I admire and whose mailing list I joined in order to get the freebie she offered. I've never bought from her, but I do read her emails when they appeal to me.

The most recent email I got from her was all about how to get more sales on the Fourth of July. I read it, out of curiosity and frustration, and then I unsubscribed.

Because you know what I want? I want to completely ignore my customers and have them completely ignore me on the Fourth of July.

I want to be with my family, enjoy some warm weather and fireworks, and have some cold beer.

I don't want to go to a store. Not even a Starbucks.

I don't want to check my email.

I don't want to shop even my most favorite online store.

And I want the same for you, too. Whether you're American or not, I want you to laugh on the Fourth of July. And eat watermelon if you like it. I want you to do something that requires you to put on sunscreen, perhaps. Read a book. Definitely lie on a hammock if you can.

If you want to shop on the Fourth, you go ahead and shop. But not because of some promotional email I won't send you with firework emojis in the subject line and a one-day-only sale I won't be offering.

So you won’t be hearing from me next weekend. No sale, and no Memo.

I'll see you in two weeks. Until then, be amazing.