Bundt Cake Script Font

a mono-line script in 3 weights

Bundt Cake comes with more than eleven hundred glyphs! Specific OpenType features include contextual alternates, swash forms, stylistic alternates, initial and final forms, multiple alternate glyphs for each letter (accessed through the glyphs panel), multilingual support (including multiple currency symbols), two ampersands, ninety standard and discretionary ligatures, a bunch of hearts and arrows, and standard numbers, oldstyle figures, and fractions. Available here.

Holla Script Brush Font

a semi-connected, hand-lettered brush font

With its brush-textured charm, Holla is perfect for stationery, branding projects, editorial features, product packaging, and more. Holla includes more than 400 glyphs, encompassing multi-language support (for English as well as western and central European languages), a full numeral and punctuation set, additional useful symbols, and standard and discretionary ligatures. Includes double letter ligatures for all 26 lowercase letters to add a little interest and contrast in your font and to improve the flow of the letters. Ornaments also included. Get it here.

Pinafore Display Font

a bold, brush-style font

My second font, Pinafore comes with upright and oblique styles as well as paper cut versions of each. It includes 363 glyphs such as small caps (see note below for more on this), multilingual support (including multiple currency symbols), an awesome ampersand, math symbols, and more. On sale now.